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Captain John Hart (James Marsters) is a fictional character from the British sci-fi drama Torchwood. Captain John Hart and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) are two of the seven remaining Time Agents from the Time Agency, which has disbanded. His first appearance is on the top floor of a multi-storey car park, where a mugger is threatening a v... Show more »
Captain John Hart (James Marsters) is a fictional character from the British sci-fi drama Torchwood. Captain John Hart and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) are two of the seven remaining Time Agents from the Time Agency, which has disbanded. His first appearance is on the top floor of a multi-storey car park, where a mugger is threatening a victim with a knife. Captain John picks up the mugger and drops him over the edge, then telling the victim not to tell anyone that he was there, disappears to get a drink where he clears out the night club. He communicates with Captain Jack via the Jack's wriststrap that was mended and subsiquently broken by the Doctor in the events of the Doctor Who episodes Utopia and Last of the Time Lords. Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) comments that 'that never beeps.' Captain Jack is summoned to the nightclub where he and Captain John kiss and then fight.After these events, Captain Jack says that he needs a drink. Captain Jack asks 'How was rehab?', to which Captain John replies 'Rehabs, plural.' He reveals that he has been to rehab for drugs, sex, drink and alcohol, and he is now living like a priest (try believing that when he's swigging openly on a bottle of vodka. He then shoots his gun three times around the club, and is thrilled to find Jack's team, Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), Ianto Jones, Owen Harper (Burn Gorman) and Toshiko Sato. He openly flirts with Toshiko, calling her 'the brains and the beauty,' and he also comments that Torchwood need a blonde. When Jack's team ask who he is, Captain Jack says 'We go back' to which John replies 'Woah, we more than go back. We were partners. In every sense.' This worries Ianto Jones, who is Jack's boyfriend. Captain Jack and Captain John got trapped in a time warp and so the two weeks that they were together for five years.When Captain Jack asks what Captain John what he is doing in Cardiff, Captain John tells Torchwood that he was working with a beautiful woman, when they were both shot and she told him to gather three radiation cluster bombs that had found their way through the rift to Cardiff. Jack says that they will help him, but after that, he has got to go. Jack takes John back to the Hub, and there he has to surrender his weapons (he only gives up three until Gwen tells everyone he has several more.The assignment takes place, with Gwen and Captain John searching for one, Captain Jack and Ianto searching for another and Tosh and Owen searching for the other. Captain Jack warns Gwen to keep John in front of her at all times, and not to let him kiss her. While searching for the radiation cluster bomb in cargo crates, Gwen takes a phone call from her fiance, Rhys Williams (Kai Owen). John takes the chance to disappear, but reappears behind her. They find the crate with the bomb, but Gwen lets John go in behind her. He pins her against the wall and kisses her with paralysing lip gloss, taunting her by saying 'I think Jack taught me that trick.' He takes the 'bomb' and leaves Gwen to die, throwing her mobile phone away.He then finds Owen and Tosh in a warehouse, where they have to give up their weapons and mobile phones. John shoots Owen in the leg for trying to defend Tosh. John then drives to the office block where Ianto and Jack are. Ianto hears the lift and tries to confront John but he holds a gun to the back of his head and sends Ianto (or Eye-Candy) to save Owen, Gwen and Toshiko. He then moves up to the roof and John admits that the whole scheme was just a front to distract Torchwood. Jack throws the cluster bomb off the roof, and then John pushes Jack off the roof, unaware of Jack's inability to die. He picks up the cluster bomb and leaves Jack's body splayed on the pavement. He then proceeds back to the Hub, having taken Jack's wrist strap and pieces together his 'reward'. He is then stopped by Gwen, Owen, Ianto and Toshiko, all pointing guns at him. John tells them that their boss is 'splayed out on the pavement,' until Captain Jack walks in. The results of John's mission are having a DNA bomb attached to him. As Torchwood are unwilling to help, he handcuffs himself to Gwen Cooper. The Torchwood Team, except Jack and Owen, and John drive to the multi-storey carpark to the Rift. There, Jack and Owen inject John with a sample of all Torchwood members, the DNA bomb becomes detached and is disposed of into the Rift. Jack decides to send John back through the Rift. John's last words are 'By the way, I found Gray.' This appears to get an emotional reception from Jack before John goes through the Rift. [All events above occur in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang]After the Torchwood team escape from a building destroyed by Captain John's prototype bombs, Captain Jack gets another communication from John, saying that he is going to 'tear your life apart, Captain Jack Harkness.' He also reveals Jack's brother, Gray. The episode ends on a cliffhanger [Fragments]There is severe rift activity caused by Captain John, which is dealt with by Tosh, Ianto, Owen and Gwen. Jack proceeds to the Hub, where John tells him that he loves him, before shooting him multiple times with a machine gun. Jack awakes to find himself chained up. John then takes him up to the top of Cardiff Castle, commanding all Torchwood members up to the rooves of their buildings to watch bombs go off at major points in the city. Jack is then taken through the Rift to Cardiff AD27 where his brother Gray is. Gray stabs Jack, and then tells Jack that he will destroy Jack's life in 2008. It also revealed that John has the Time Agency device molecularly bonded to his body, which makes him a walking bomb, and Gray has him doing what he's told. John is instructed to bury Jack in a grave, so that Jack will be thrashing on the edge of death but unable to die, just like Gray had been while being tortured in the Boshane Peninsula. Before burying Jack, John throws a ring into the grave, claiming that it's of 'sentimental value'. John then travels back to Cardiff, to the Hub, released from duty by Gray. Gwen threatens to kill him, saying 'I need a really good reason not to shoot you.' John tells her that he knows where Jack is, and asks Toshiko to run a scan for tracking devices. Meanwhile, Gray has come through to the vaults and released the Weevils onto the streets. Ianto and Toshiko come back to the Hub, shooting the Weevils putting John and Gwen in danger, and then aims his gun at John, who claims that he is just trying to help find Jack. Tosh tells him to help Gwen and Ianto to put the Weevils back in the vaults. There they are trapped by Gray, who confronts John about his decision to come to Cardiff. Gray then goes on to shoot Toshiko, who is trying to help Owen with dealing with a nuclear meltdown. Meanwhile, John's tracker helped Jack to be found in 1901 by Torchwood who froze him for a further 107 years. He wakes up in the Hub, where his brother opens the vault. Jack chloroforms Gray, releases John, Gwen and Ianto and goes up to the main floor of the base where Tosh is lying in a pool of her own blood in the autopsy room. John is standing at the top of the stairs, with Ianto at the base of the stairs as Gwen and Jack try to save Tosh, who tells them that Owen was stuck inside the chamber that radioactive fluids were flooded into. Owen is dead and Tosh dies in Jack's arms. Jack freezes Gray but John says that it would be wiser to kill him but Jack says there has been 'enough death.' John tells Jack that instead of going back through the rift he will explore the world. He kisses Jack on the cheek, and leaves Jack, Gwen and Ianto to clean up the mess and reconfigure three man Torchwood. Show less «
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